Pastor Theogene, also known as Inzahuke, has died

This sorrowful event has gained significant attention in various newspapers and social media platforms, evoking a strong sense of sadness among many individuals.

The news of Pastor Theogene’s death began to circulate on Friday morning. Reports indicate that he was involved in a fatal accident while returning from Uganda to Kigali at 11:00 PM on Thursday. He had traveled to Uganda to welcome visitors from the United States, and the accident occurred during their journey back to Rwanda, according to SBNGospel.

According to his brother, Pastor Theogene was accompanied by two other individuals. Tragically, both Pastor Theogene and one other person lost their lives in the accident. The remaining individual is currently receiving medical treatment, although there are rumors suggesting their condition may be critical.

Pastor Theogene Niyonshuti was widely known for his inspirational preaching and his ability to motivate young people to embrace the church. His sermons often centered around the challenges he faced throughout his life, including being a beggar on the streets and a homeless child following the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Inspired by his own experiences and his gratitude towards God for providing him with a home and a better life, Pastor Theogene adopted the name Inzahuke. His mission was to uplift those who were less fortunate and to provide a brighter future for homeless children whom he had taken under his wing.

Now, in the wake of his passing, Pastor Theogene leaves behind his wife, children, and the children he had cared for, all of whom he had dedicated his life to. Their collective grief is a testament to the profound impact he had on their lives and the lives of countless others.

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