Rwandan traditional singer Cyusa Ibrahim is set to release his first album, titled “Muvumwamata.”

The album is a heartfelt gift to his grandmother, who played a crucial role in encouraging him to pursue music as a full-time career.

“Muvumwamata” will feature new songs by Cyusa, and he plans to release some of them, such as “Mucyo,” “Emerabakujyane,” and “RPF Turatashye,” in the coming days.

The song “Emerabakujyane” is dedicated to brides and holds significance within wedding celebrations, as expressed by Cyusa to Inyarwanda.

Additionally, the song “RPF Turatashye” will serve as an anthem for Rwandans to celebrate Liberation Day on the 4th of July. The album is expected to include a minimum of 12 songs, comprising both Cyusa’s own compositions and collaborations with other artists.

Cyusa explained, “I mixed the songs together to assist the elderly in finding their favorites, as I have done before.”
Although the album’s title, “Muvumwamata,” is a gift to his grandmother, it does not bear her real name.

According to tradition, it is considered inappropriate to refer to one’s parents by their names directly. Cyusa’s grandmother served as his source of inspiration for singing, which led him to name the album in her honor.

Notably, a few weeks prior to the album release, Cyusa had gifted his grandmother a car as a token of appreciation.

The release of “Muvumwamata” comes after a period of eight months since the launch of Cyusa’s previous single, “Uwanjye.” This single preceded others such as “Marebe,” “Gacyamo,” “Ndabyanze,” and “Mama.”

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