The Commission of Human Rights in Rwanda extends its heartfelt appreciation to Izere Mubyeyi School for its outstanding efforts in providing equal education to both students with disabilities and non-disabled students.

The Commission of Human Rights in Rwanda expresses its sincere appreciation to Izere Mubyeyi School for its commendable efforts in providing education to both disabled and non-disabled students without any form of discrimination or harassment.

One of the students with a disability who graduated from this school shared his joy and gratitude, expressing that he can now lead, write, communicate, and pray with other students, highlighting the inclusive and supportive environment he experienced during his time at the school. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to his parents and all the staff at Izere Mubyeyi for their support.

His mother also shared her experience, explaining that she had tried enrolling her child in various schools, including those for disabled students, but without success. After learning about Izere Mubyeyi School, she decided to give it a chance, hoping her child could learn to lead despite any challenges. She praised the teachers for their dedication, professionalism, and passion in their work, which enabled her son to develop hidden talents and gain the necessary skills.”

One of the teachers, Etienne Murwanashyaka, emphasized the importance of understanding and connecting with the students on a personal level to effectively teach and inspire them. He stressed the significance of patience, love for children, and a strong sense of protection and care while imparting knowledge, stating that education is a fundamental human right.

Mukashyaka Agnes, the Coordinator of IZERE MUBYEYI Organization, acknowledged the progress made by the school and expressed gratitude for the recognition they received. However, she pointed out the challenges they still face, such as inadequate school infrastructure. She believes that with better facilities, they can further enhance their professionalism and service.

The Commission of Human Rights in Rwanda, represented by Patricie Muhongerwa, praised the teachers at Izere Mubyeyi School for their dedication and devotion to shaping the students’ future. She emphasized that without such teachers, the students’ development might be hindered, and she assured the school of the Commission’s support whenever needed.

Located in Kicukiro District, Kanombe sector, and Karama cells, Izere Mubyeyi School currently caters to a total of 117 students, among which 51 have disabilities, while the remaining 66 are non-disabled individuals.

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