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“We carry in our mind the Keys of tomorrow”_motivational story

It was early in the morning, when my telephone was ringing. My classmate was calling me informing the new time table of the last exam of our university classes. My thoughts were absent about the exam thinking on how 2019 end.

I didn’t blame anyone to fail in my last exam. I was the source of that failure. As a student, I would have to prepare of the exam but my mind was turning back on what I would have done before.

As my mind was turning back, I realized that:

whenever sunrises, the clock keep turning,whenever sunsets, the clock keeps turning. and As the ayes sleep, the heart keep working and mind keep standing-in.

What was I waiting for……? what was missing……? Nothing; the only ability to prioritize the task was less.

As the tear drop falling, my heart was beating and judging myself.
As my classmates celebrate, I was in circle of blaming myself to what I would have done before.

The lack of ability to prioritize my tasks, result to end my year in tears, but teaches the lessons of the years.

How do I change things and became successful?

By answering the question, I may say that “The Beginnings are never easy, but the vision was stronger than any obstacles on the way.”

As the days comes, I was not strong because of done, I was strong because of keep moving. The failure I made before, was the opportunity to change all hurdles that makes my year to end in tears.

I have realized that; We carry on our mind the key of tomorrow, a heavy channel than the ones lifted before. The ending point of my blindness, was the starting point of sight.

We owe the dreams we claim today to the sacrifice of our mind and the ability to prioritize our daily responsibilities. My losses make me accountable.

Because of my fail, I am now in praise.

My stand is on the mountain, my eyes are staring
My envision is on relaxing and enjoying the failure I made
My mind is busy as a bee, thinking on my dreams to collect all mistakes i made.
A Backbone of future life.

My ears can here, a beautiful heart beats
In a green safe space, busy for self-meditation
Trying to turn sight back, to push sight forward.

My mouth is swallowing and tongue tasting a very delicious honey, harvested from keeping move and planting the ability to prioritize. My nose is smelling and Lungs breathing, the energy are increasing from hierarchy thoughts.

The views expressed in this Poetry article are of the writer.
Names: Niyirora Christian
Tel: +250783869168
Email: christianiyirora@gmail.com

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